Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

The entrance to the "old section" of the cemetery. There used to be wrought iron gates - I'd bet they're stashed away somewhere.

The entrance to the "new" section - 1951 being new in this case.

My Dad, Grandfather and Grandmother from right to left. My grandfather died before my parents married.

The family plot in the "old section." Tall markers like that are not allowed in the new area, nor are the borders.

My great grandfather's son - making him my great uncle, I assume.

Great Grandfather, Great Grandmother and Great Aunt all on the back side of the monument.

Some areas have a lot of people decorating graves - since this is in the new section, that is no surprise.

Unfortunately, the old section has some forgotten souls. I said a prayer for them.

I have no idea what kind of flowers these are, but they were exquisite and tiny. They will fall victim to the mower, I'm sure. But for now, they brighten up the old prairie sod a bit.

I guess I'd missed this grave from earlier years. The wind chimes caught my ear today, so I walked over to look. I don't know this kid or his parents, but it's obvious his family feels his loss and hasn't forgotten him. The little things like the game controller, the little brass "frog crossing" sign among the other accoutrements speak of continued grief. It was a scene of peace, the unusually gentle breeze tinkling the chimes and the thoughtfulness of the array combining to ease tensions.

I said a prayer for this young man too, taken far too early.

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