Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Travels Again

These are abandoned ammo bunkers east of Hastings, NE.

Look closely and you'll see a silhouette statue of a buffalo. This is somewhere on I25 in Colorado south of Cheyenne, WY - and yes, they're still getting snow. This was taken last Wednesday.

Elk Mountain in Wyoming seen from I80 west of Cheyenne, shrouded in clouds. It's not all that tall compared to say - Pike's Peak, but it looked cool halfway covered up.

Howlin' at the moon at the Potter, NE exit on I80.

The extra cool decor at the Atwood KS airport. Huey Cobras are all that, if you ask me.

On a back road in Arkansas, near Harrison. My foot is to the floor and the Binder is running all of about forty five climbing that hill. The trees are all trying to encroach on the space necessary for a truck to pass underneath, so I did a lot of tree trimming today with my CB antennae and smoke poles.

Welp, until we meet again, amigos!


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

That Arkansas pic looks like almost any county hwy 'round these parts.

wv: enticin
That pic is "enticin" me to go on a road trip.

Jeffro said...

I expect the snow looks mighty familiar!

threecollie said...

Snow.....argh! The buffalo is pretty neat though.

Jinglebob said...

I always enjoy your pictures Jeffro!

Frank W. James said...

I think it was two or three years ago I was prairie dog shooting/hunting close to Elk Mountain in early June. It had rained alot and the 'snakes' were fat! Thanks for the photos.

All The Best,
Frank W. James