Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tower Destruction


This is pretty cool in a geeky sort of way - six different camera angles of the same event - blowing the support lines to an antenna tower. I've always thought that they'd fall in one piece, but I was wrong - the sections fall apart as they come down, and the debris doesn't go very far. And, I've seen the aftermath of a FM broadcast tower after an ice storm brought it down - and the sections were surrounding the base. The Poor Farm was without power for nine days after that little ordeal.

Anyhoo, I thought the video had some wow factor. But, I'm weird that way.


Roberta X said...

A) Yeah, major wow, and that's a good-sized tower.

B) Guyed towered usually wad themselves up in a knot around their base, often making a mess of any buildings there. They aren't very strong other than vertically and if even a couple of guys hold, they don't wander much on the way down. A typial failure mode is a girt (horizontal) and/or hog rod (diagonal) breakage under stress (often torsional), at which point the verticals start to splay, guys go slack and it starts mashing itself.

If you ever see a tower either vibrating or twisting back and forth in a high wind, get away fast!

Some celphone and other heavily-loaded towers have anti-torsion guy wires, pairs on every guy axis and most levels.

(I think the top guys are still intact on the LORAN tower, so it falls pretty straight).

Some self-supporting towers fall more-or-less in a line but even they tend to break once they get very far from vertical.

drjim said...

Definitely pretty neat!
Sad to see LORAN going away, though.