Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Mess In Texas

Can we say "appropriate response" to a statist? Snerk!

Naturally, I got this in an email. Regulars here know that is a major source of inspiration for me, because I'm naturally lazy in that regard. I do try to find the source for attribution, and I think I found it here in an article titled "Those Crazy Environmentalist Quacks." The author is a humorist, and it is worth a read - he does a good job with the material. I bow in his general direction!

Plus, this was sent as a .pdf - if you want a copy for yourself, forwarding to your friends, or just for wrapping fish (Thanks, MAD!), I've put it up on Google Docs (and hopefully set the sharing correctly) here. Google is getting a bit less "open" all the time - I couldn't upload the dern thing in Firefox, so I searched their help section and found that there are and have been a lot of people with the same problem for some time now. The solution? Use their Chrome browser. Worked like a champ, then. Huh. Imagine that.

H/T MorningGlory - she's quit blogging, hopefully temporarily.

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