Friday, May 21, 2010

30th Anniversary for Pac Man

Can y'all believe it - it's really been thirty years. May 22, 1980. Of course Pong and Asteroids came first, but it was Pac Man that reached out past the shoot-em-ups to a much larger demographic - namely women.
(A) Japanese company called Namco Bandai released a game in Japan called Puck-Man. The title was rejected in the United States because some worried that the "P" would chip off the cabinet and look like an "F."
To quote Johnny Carson: "I did not know that."

I was a better Ms. Pac Man player - for some reason I liked that version best. But, I've certainly fed many a quarter over the years to a Pac Man machine.

Google's logo today is a playable version of Pac Man in honor of the anniversary.

I never cared to play the game without a proper joystick - the arrow keys on a keyboard are just too clumsy and slow. It was still fun to take it out for a spin!


ptg said...

I might be the only person who never played pac-man even for a minute.

Mo K said...

I didn't realize it was actually playable until now. I can count on one hand the no. of times I played pac-man. I still suck at it.
I preferred Donkey Kong, Galaxian, and Galaga. Here's a freebie you can play online, all you need is Java.

lisa Paul said...

Aw how many manhours totaling how many human lives were wasted on this game?

Jeffro said...