Monday, March 02, 2009

Look! It's More Cartoons!

I'm in seedy Super 8 in Tulsa tonight, fried, so the inspirational level is somewhat low. Soooo, I'm raiding the comics I get emailed to me every day.

Somehow, I'm not sure, but geez that seems familiar.

It's been a while since I put up a Rall cartoon. Ted doesn't think the O'man is going far enough, and sees Bush and Obama on the same moral level. To that, I say heh. Just what did you expect?


Jerry in Texas said...

Which Super 8 did you stay at? Tulsa's got a bunch. Wish I'd known you were going. I could've suggested some fine eateries (like Taco Bueno).

Hope you had a safe trip.

Jeffro said...

The one just south of the Flying J. I've stayed at the "airport" one on 412 east of 75 and west of 169. It's a little better, but the parking lot is super tiny. I've dropped my trailer and just bobtailed to both of them.

We pick up pipe and fittings at Lee Supply just off 75 and Pine or Peoria exits. Usually, I'll stay out of town if I've got a choice - if I'm coming in from the south. I had to come in from the north on 75 this time, and there isn't much selection with truck parking in Bartlesville. I'd have to have stayed in Kansas. When I come in from the south, I'll stay at Okmulgee or even Henryetta.