Thursday, March 26, 2009

Come Ride With Me


Just a little video to show the perspective from the driver's seat. I was on US400 westbound between Ford and Ft. Dodge. The white "grooves" in the pavement are actually dried liquid road "salt" that the state road department sprayed in anticipation of the big storm coming tonight. You can see that I have the right side mirror set a bit "wide." I do that so I can see a vehicle I'm passing and gauge if the trailer is clear. If I had the mirror set to see more of the trailer, I couldn't see the fronts of the passed vehicles as well.

And yeah, that is a hell of a crack in the passenger windshield. We're waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before we subject a new windshield to the stresses of extreme cold - which is the reason the thing is cracked in the first place. I'm sure y'all can figure out what speed I was driving - I generally go about five over except for the seventy and seventy five zones. That's fast enough for a truck.

Luckily that is a pretty smooth road, otherwise the camera operator would be unable to keep the picture from bouncing around excessively.

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