Friday, November 23, 2007

GladWare etc.

Do you all find yourself buying certain deli meats over others just so you can get the containers? Yeah, I know you can buy Gladware by the stack, and I have some, but the shapes and sizes offered with lunchmeat are pretty handy.

I'm from a long line of packrats. We saved margarine tubs to use in lieu of actually buying Tupperware. I can remember a go around with my dad over some butter tubs. There was one particular size that worked great for nuking a scrambled egg. I used them a lot making a breakfast sandwich with bacon or ham, egg and cheese on a toasted English Muffin. It was just the right size. I bought that particular brand of margarine just for the tub.

Well, my dad liked to use them for leftovers. Since he liked to cook, and cook often, he had a lot of leftovers. Several times I would find myself out of the tubs and have to transfer the food from one he'd used to a different one, and clean out the one I wanted to cook my egg in. This kind of defeated the "quick breakfast" approach. So, I asked him nicely if he'd refrain from using this particular sized tub and told him why.

He basically told me to f##k off. Dad could (and he did often enough) be a total asshole. I was highly pissed. I said there wouldn't even be any of those tubs if I didn't buy them in the first place. No matter - first come, first served, and I would just have to suffer. Gee, what a pal.

I thought about tossing his leftovers in the trash when I found myself "tubless," but I figured out something better. We seemed to always have more lids than tubs - usually because they really weren't microwave safe and more than a few got nuked into oblivion. So, I counted tubs, and cut all the correct lids except for one less than the available tubs, and tossed the cut lids. Dad couldn't dig through the trash to get the lids back, because they were useless. Now, no matter what, I'd have a tub to nuke eggs. They were my tubs and lids, after all. Worked like a charm, too.

Too bad we didn't have Gladware back then. Heh.

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Sezme said...

I prefer the Zip-loc items. I use them everyday to hold my lunch.

My grandmom always had used tubs and whipped cream tubs, too.