Sunday, December 02, 2012

Tis Awesome

My buddy Road Pig called me the other day and said he had something pretty cool for me at his office (first place next door to the ol' abode), it had just came in that morning, and I needed to slip in and get it. He wouldn't tell me what it was - it was gonna be a surprise.

Well, yeah, it was definitely a surprise and pretty cool. This is a pencil drawing of my father when he was a teenager. Apparently one of his classmates drew up several of these of different people, and someone in town had this and one of their relatives. They ran across it the other day and remembered I didn't have any pictures of my dad because of the fire, and gave this to RP's wife Tracy to get to me. I bought the frame - the picture was taped to a slightly larger chunk of colored paper kinda used as a background, and the tape has yellowed with age.

I talked to this person, and she told me she thought Dad was probably a junior in high school. RP and I figured much the same already - somewhere in that age range. I am in the process of trying to find out just who the artist is and thank them - have a lead and left a phone message.

If you knew my father, this picture jumps right out at you - there is noooo doubt this is him.

I had a rather tumultuous relationship with my father, and I am equally to blame because I'd deliberately push his buttons when he pissed me off, so there is definitely that.

But there is not a day that goes by that I do not miss him, even fourteen years after he passed on.

Love ya, Dad.

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