Saturday, December 22, 2012

No, Danziger, He Is Not

This twisted individual is NOT the NRA. He couldn't even pass a background check to buy a gun, remember? And you seem to deliberately forget all the educational efforts, training, safety and other areas the NRA undertakes in order to make a non valid irrational hyperbolic and sensational invalid point.

You, on the other hand, are a bigot wallowing in statist dreams of dominance and superiority over those less enabled than your fine self. Go away, I'm tired of your bleating.


threecollie said...

That is utterly disgusting. I have ended up beyond dismayed by even family members over this.

drjim said...

Right on, Jeff!

jed said...

I can has rebuttalz?

I am the Democratic Party

Feel free to re-host and re-use.

Anonymous said...

3collie: same here. conversation with family member whom I forwarded excellent post on the topic by Larry Correia
ended up in a shouting match. Yes, my fault that can't keep cool when confronted with senseless hysterics.

Jeffro said...

3c: I and my family members who have opposing views just don't bring it up. We have learned, or rather, they have. They just don't like having their asses handed to them, I guess.

drjim: You know it!

jed: That is harsh but oh so apropos! Left a mark, it did!

Tatyana: Larry's post has been making the rounds big time on Facebook as well as the right wing blogosphere.

Here is another great post by Rachel Lucas - not as comprehensive as Larry's, but very insightful:

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I know.
I said, I sent Larry's post to a family member. You don't have to convert me.

I don't read R. Lucas anymore; she and her gang have rather one-sided view on anyone who immigrated from SU.

Jeffro said...

Tatyana - I was not trying to *do* anything. I just found it to be pretty neat how much traction his post had gained in my various circles. That is all I meant.

Also did not know that about Rachel's bunch.

Frankly, even considering the very limited associations I have with former residents of the SU (that would be you), I'd have to say I'm impressed.

May you and yours have a great holiday.

Tat said...

I see: the more I try to clarify the more misunderstanding...fine, let it be.

Merry Christmas, Jeffro

Jeffro said...

We do have that problem once in a while between us, no? It seems I do not comprehend what your meaning is at times, much to my chagrin.

So, like they around these parts: Give 'em hell and don't take any crap! Well, crap isn't what they say, but you know what I mean. ;)