Monday, June 25, 2012

There Is Fast, Then There Is Really Fast


The cars on the left are real race cars from the FIA GT series. They are, in a sense, stock cars in that they are modeled after production cars but are in fact purpose built race cars. The cars on the right are F1. Which, of course, are purpose built racing cars as well, but built with a far, far higher standard of performance.

Interesting direct comparison. Our street cars would definitely look like slugs out there.


drjim said...

Reminds me of the time I took my girlfriend to see "Le Mans", the Steve McQueen movie.
During some of the scenes where the Porsche 917's and Ferrari 512's were blowing past the 7 Litre Corvettes, she turned to me and said "Man, those 'Vettes look like SHIT!".

lisa said...

Wow! No comparison at all!

Anonymous said...

it's great to sit on a chair that's not's all I will say

Earl said...

Need for speed... but in America we all can pretend to build them and go fast, in Europe they have to buy them and find the German Autobahn to GO!