Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Image from Jayski

Chances are you will have to hide under a rock to avoid this news: Dale Earnhardt, Jr., ended his four year, 143 race win drought today at Michigan International Speedway at the Quicken Loans 400. By the numbers?

He was 5.393 seconds ahead of the next finisher Tony Stewart. Pretty big margin, but not unusual at Michigan. He gained six points in the Chase race on Matt Kenseth, who only leads Junebug by four points. The 88 car started seventeenth, and had handling issues right off. An extended pit stop that included the installation of a rear spring rubber dropped them into the twenties, but the improved handling enabled Junior to work his way through the field and take the lead, also leading the most laps.
"Today was pretty special because we whooped them pretty good.
One of the quotes from an after race interview. Yep, he did. In a black car, too - his main sponsor today is the movie The Dark Knight Rises. Remember, his daddy drove the black 3, just in case your memory needs jogging. Black cars and Earnhardt pretty well go together.

I've been hearing now for years how Dale is overrated, his daddy got him where he was at, once he quite DEI he'd never amount to anything, how Rick Hendrick should fire him for not winning right after he hired Dale, how Hendrick trying different crew chiefs for Dale was not the problem - he needed to change the driver, and so on ad infinitum. Even though he made the Chase last year, he was still some sort of hopeless bum.

Well, I don't like to curse very often here, but to those people I say fuck off. I think that statement is just about as strong a series of words can be that express how I feel about the subject. People like that ignore the facts about his many wins, his Nationwide championships, and his consistent finishes putting him in the top ten for many years.

Here's to hoping he takes the Chase Championship!!!

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Oh, and Junior's much rumored girlfriend was in Victory Lane to give him a hug and a kiss. Look for a ton of coverage and her identity being exposed.

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lotta joy said...

It was a LONG time coming. Joe nearly had tears in his eyes..I say "nearly" because I'd hate to tell the truth.

He's still his dad's son and we all can breathe a sigh of relief. We started noticing a few of his dad's moves being made last week by Junior. Now he'll be more assertive...and...darn it....a girlfriend too. Well, I didn't stand a chance getting his dad, so I sure as heck had no chance with the son.

It's hell getting old.

Jeffro said...

The GF probably means playing video games and drinking beer with Jr. is right out, too, dammit.