Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet Bob

Bob is - well, the nabes aren't totally sure. Part Australian Shepherd, and maybe even some Border Collie. You can really see the shepherd in his hips and butt - he has that rounded look, and his body is fairly long. Bob actually visited me Saturday, and I saw him again Sunday, when I took this pic. I'd seen him some time back when he was just a pup. Pretty well behaved as far as staying home. I hope he comes to visit me more often. Not much of a cow dog, just a shy, quiet, well behaved pet who really likes his ears rubbed.

I sure miss having a dog on the place.


lotta joy said...

His visits are like doggy blessings. Maybe he'll one day stay. They crave love and kindness.

threecollie said...

Bob is beautiful!

drjim said...

Yeah, dogs are special.