Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sheesh. Ya think?

If only.......


Jeff Daniels said...

do you want us to start tracking all people who buy guns?

Jeffro said...

Hell no!

Don't you know about Fast and Furious? Where BATF agents forced gun dealers to sell guns illegally allowing them to "walk" across the border? And how some American agents' deaths and many Mexican deaths can be attributed to these guns? Illegal as hell, but OUR government did it. The House is investigating, and Holder and Obama are probably gonna be held in contempt for refusal to release documents that have been subpoenaed.

Why do you ask that question in relation to this issue? Ask Canada how well gun registration has worked - how much money they've spent vs. how many criminals they've actually caught. Or how gun registration historically has led to gun confiscation by governments around the world.

Of course I am against gun registration for tracking.

Jeff Daniels said...

I didn't think you did. I will have to read about the details. There was a case in AZ (I live there) where the ATF tried to "bust" a gun dealer for selling 10 rifles, which can be converted to automatic rifles, to a "green" card holder (legal in AZ). The case was thrown out because the ATF couldn't prove the gun store owner knew that the green card holder was going take them across the border (where they ARE illegal) and sell them. I am not wanting "registration" but I would like Americans to behave a little more responsibly in their ownership of a business. In southern Texas, in small towns, there are numerous gun shops. They sell more guns in a month than the entire population of the county. While this is not illegal for the gun shop owner, I question their ethics. Just like in North Dakota where the liquor stores sit within walking ditance of an Indian reservation where liquor is illegal). These business owners are not breaking the law but I relly question their ethics. I really don't have a solution.

Jeffro said...

I have no solution to that part of the problem either, Jeff.

However, when the government does it to supposedly trace the guns to ostensibly to cartel leaders, but never bother to follow up, it appears that they are trying to "prove" the connection between US gun sales and Mexican cartel gun ownership.

But there is another fly in that reasoning - the Mexican government never really traces where the actual guns found originate. Why would you want to buy a semi auto AK47 clone for $600 in the US when you could purchase twelve of them from an arms dealer illegally for the same money? Because they've seen the light and aren't going to break any more weapons laws?