Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Honey Badger Don't Care

I've gone on about old movies before and how I'd rather watch them than most new offerings. Well, some of those old movies were new back when I was of a more reasonable age. Like Escape from New York. Of course, Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) is a honey badger - he just don't care. No one with any sense is gonna dispute that.

However, one of my great pleasures is watching Lee Van Cleef as Bob Hauk in this movie.


I could not find the rest of that scene, particularly when Snake tells Hauk that when it's all over, he'll kill Hauk. The look Hauk gives Snake is priceless. Hauk is a honey badger who don't care - Plissken doesn't impress him at all.

Hauk remembered what Snake said, though:


And just for more proof that Cleef was a honey badger:


I thought the musical number in the middle was pretty cool - it was the theme song for Two Mules for Sister Sara.

Anyhow, like so many actors from his era, Cleef served in the Navy during WWII, then tried accounting before turning to acting.

I'm sorry, but Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck, Leonardo De Caprio, et al, are just not honey badgers.


Cindy Salem-Daniel said...

So true Jeff, The new ones can't hold a candle to the old ones!!! Love Van Cleff.

drjim said...

Yeah, what ever happened to actors who were MEN?!?

Bob's Blog said...

Now that I have read all that Wikipedia has to say about honey badgers, I can return to The Poor Farm to continue my education.

Dad Bones said...

"Get a new president." Ha!