Monday, November 08, 2010

Warriors! Come Out To Playeeyay!

Our saga today begins with Our Good Green American Guys gettin' some good ol' R&R - relaxing as much as a stiff plastic figure can. It's been tough on Our Guys, and they deserve some time off to unwind. Maybe they shooters can relax their grips for a little bit.

What? What just happened? Can't Our Guys get some rest?

Apparently not. Some sort of fantasy trans-dimensional horror warriors have just materialized - threatening Our Guys. "Warriors, come out to playeeyay!" they say. It's a low down old fashioned gangland sneak attack, is what it is. These half alive, half dead beings won't be happy until they have sucked the marrow from Our Guys souls.

Yeeeees, they are a rough looking bunch for sure. I'd bet those cleavers haven't been sterilized in a day or three.

Oh, but wait! It's popular cartoon characters Buzz and Woody! "Stop!" says Buzz. "Hi!" says Woody.

Oh my, I think they're here to "dialog." Do they have any sort of powers that might help Our Green Guys?

Meh. Not so much. Woody appears to think he can break out the old Somebody Else's Problem Field. Buzz just raises his fist. I don't think denial is a river in Egypt for these two.

Oh my. This is not good. The green trans-dimensional warriors are chopping our cartoon icons into little bits. Our Green Guys (didja notice the wicked warriors are a much more sickly and disgusting green?) have been caught off guard - the Stealth Fighter is parked without a handy runway, the jeeps are out of gas, and the tank needs reloaded. Oh, my, what will they do? 

Silly trans-dimensional horror monster warriors - they should know Our American Green Guys always have someone watching their six. Leader guy called in an attack helicopter air strike.

Hah! So there, mean old monsters! A few rockets and some cannon fire kinda trumped rusty old cleavers and worn magic staffs! Guess that'll show y'all not to mess with the Best! Get some rest, boys, you've earned it.


Jinglebob said...


verificatin word is "shinerap. What's a shiner ap? Some new app I ain't got for my Mac?

Laura said...

HAHA! And so dramatical! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey what figures are the green and blue guys in photo #3?