Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He Just Can't Help It

Poor Pat Oliphant. Sarah has gotten under his skin so far he's just about a one trick pony.He can't move on. Either she's dumb, her followers, or both. Unlike he and his fellow progressives, who apparently are sparkling intellectuals.

I've said it before - I'm not sure Sarah Palin is the answer to our need for a president. However, if she can keep provoking reactions like this with absolutely no effort on her part, well, she's got my support. I can just imagine four to eight years of exploding heads.


Anonymous said...

At least she doesn't need a teleprompter to talk.

Earl said...

According to that really intelligent mass media out there, MSM, she has to be our hero, our leader, our hope for really return to sanity -- because all the country club Republicans look just like the current Democrats in government. If they tell us loud enough or often enough then it must be true - it isn't like we can think on our own, is it? Back to the M1 Garand and learning how to shoot up to its potential.

wv nobilick

Mo K said...

I like Sarah as an advocate. Don't see her as POTUS. (That said, if it came down to it, hell yes I'd vote for her over the Dem.)

As a lot of folks have said I just don't see her making it. She's TOO folksy, voice too irritating... just not right for POTUS. She has plenty of work in the GOP, though. And I want her to stick around.

"plead" -- now THAT's a WV!

Dad Bones said...

It would almost be worth it to watch the tyrants of the world try to deal with the Sarahcuda.