Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Serving Notice

If you are sitting at a stop sign and see me coming, but do not stop and in fact pull out in front of me? And you take your sweet time winding that hoopty up? And I've had to stomp on the brakes to keep from running over your dumb ass?

Then you really weren't in a big enough hurry to warrant pulling out in front of me. Don't be surprised if I dog your bumper until you either get it in gear or I can get around you.

If I have to pass your cranium filled rectum, don't be surprised if I cut the room for my trailer just a tad short, just to let you know you f*cked up.


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

This is my pet peeve #2 on hwy etiquette. My commute is a (normally) leisurely 24 miles of four lanes. About a 3rd of which is open to cross-traffic. If you are waiting to get on the 4lanes from the right, and I see you sitting there, I'll move to the left. Same thing applies if I see you coming from the left. BUT, if you a assume I'm goin to move over and you pull out, OR, it you pull out and cross lanes, yer gonna get the stink eye and digital salute from me.

Just imagine, if everyone drove like me, there would be no road rage.

Jeffro said...

#2, eh? What's #1?

Lisa Paul said...

Jeez, the last thing you want to encounter is a big rig driver with road rage. I will be sure to mind my manners around truckers. Especially since they could squash my Prius like a bug.

Jeffro said...

Well, I'm gonna weasel out here a bit. I did say "don't be surprised." What I generally do is drive safely.

But - at first I do make sure their mirrors are full of nothing but grill. I want them to see the grasshoppers up close and personal.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

#2, eh? What's #1?


I've just realized that I don't want anyone coming onto my highway. It's MINE! All the rest of ya'll stay home.

Jinglebob said...


Jeffro said...

Aarrrgghhh, dammit! We're manly men and don't mess with us if ya know what's good for ya!

KurtP said...

What p1sses me off, is when some dunb@ss is at a side road and starts pulling out before I'm even at their front end.

I "know" you're trying to get up speed, but f*ck- don't try to take off my paint---@sshole.

It's almost as bad as a tailgater you can't shake.

Mo K. said...

I can only imagine how much that kind of dumbass behavior pisses off a trucker. It pisses me off plenty as a car driver to have someone pull out that like in front of me!