Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I See What Oliphant Did Right There

See, he used racial profiling to prove his point - that searching everybody before boarding a plane is necessary for our safety and to prevent - racial profiling!

Of course, what he's wanting to do is show how white racist overweight Rethuglicans just don't get the big picture because there are terrorists waiting to slip through the cracks. Guess getting the message across wouldn't be the same caricaturing a Timothy McVeigh (the liberal fallback example of why racial profiling isn't perfect) type.

No, it's just far easier to blame those who still believe in the Bill of Rights for disrupting air travel than it would be to examine just who is really attempting to disrupt said traffic. And use a caricature of a radical Muslim to prove the point, thus showing his true racial feelings.

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Lisa Paul said...

I have to laugh at these protests. 'Cause I've been through the most personally invasive searches outside of Attica. I lived in Germany during the height of the Baader-Meinhof terrorism and was flying back and forth to the US for school. I'm telling you, the full body searches that were performed by large Teutonic women named Helga were pretty scary for a 16 year old. But I did feel, getting on the plane, that no one could have smuggled any weapon larger than a nail clipping. So I guess, in retrospect, I was glad they were that thorough. And no, there was no racial profiling. Everyone got the latex glove.