Sunday, April 12, 2009

For Charles


This one's for you, Charles G. Hill of Dustbury, OK. Chaz posts about high heels and how fashionable or not a particular example may be, artistic merit, or comfort (relatively speaking), costs and whatnot related to the shoes.

I like seeing a nice set of female legs showcased by high heels as much as the next guy, but I have to wonder about the comfort vs gain equation - does wearing a pair gain "enough" to warrant the discomfort? I had a pair of pretty tall platform shoes in the late seventies with some lift in the heel - and I can guarantee you the concentration level for mere walking was highly increased. Run in those shoes? It is to laugh. The cool thing about those shoes was how much more I towered over people. I'm 6'3", so I found out what being a few inches taller would be like - if I could only walk without tripping on bird doo on the sidewalk.

And the poor girl in the video - she's supposed to be a pro wearing those things. But, the second time balance and coordination go out the window - well, you'll just have to watch. Heh.


Bob's Blog said...

Yesterday as we were heading off for church I asked my wife if she was going to be wearing her high heels. She answered, "Yep, but one is a little higher than the other, because I couldn't scrape off all the manure from that boot." Now that's my kinda woman!

CGHill said...

Yet another reason to avoid doing drag. :)