Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Moldy Oldy


Well, once again SiriusXM has a song on the ol' playlist that ya just don't hear much anymore - and it's a shame. Sniff 'n' the Tears Driver's Seat - I just like the sound. It's from 1978 - so considering we didn't have a rock FM station and I didn't buy the album/8-track, the audio quality of AM radio probably lured me in with it's dulcet tones. Not a lot worse than listening on this laptop, frankly.

But, the Mighty Binder has a four speaker setup, so it ain't all bad these days.


drjim said...

Great old song. Was it on the 70's channel?

Jeffro said...

No, actually it was XM49 - Classic Rewind. I like it, 40 and 46 because they mix it up a bit more than the decade channels.

drjim said...

Ok....I have Sirius in my Jeep, and my son has XM. One of these days I'm going to see who carries what. I know some of the channels are dupes, but not which ones.

Jeffro said...

Yeah, and the dupes aren't on the same numbers, either - so that makes it still kinda comparing apples and oranges. I do like how Sirius uses deejays on the music channels - XM didn't.