Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This 'N That Part II

Lotus Elite - seen in Brush, CO early Monday evening. The driver of this car hauling rig was easily four or five inches taller than me. There was some difficulty fitting him in this little hot rod. I missed a shot of the cool car today - I was yakking on the phone when I met the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, headed west on I70 just east of Goodland KS. So, no pic - since I was using my camera for it's original function.

Hah! I was wired up in the hospital for a jump start - there were four wires going into my chest. When they needed to use them, one had apparently been pulled out by accident (my pulse had dropped to 20 or 40 bpm - fergit which). The external pacemakers apparently need four wires, but they cobbled me up for a while. After the wires were deemed unnecessary, a nurse pulled them right out. No more Energizer Bunny hookups for me!

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Anonymous said...

LOL Too cute, I have a pacemaker defibrillator implant, it has shocked me 3 times since in was implanted in March of this year, doesn't exactly tickle either! I also had the external one and have the "holes" from the wires. At least mine didn't come with jumper cables!