Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just Damn!

As of Thursday evening, my dispatcher had nothing for me Friday. So, as is my custom, I shut my cell phone off. I got a call at 7:15 am the next day - they had something for me to do. It was a short haul to drop off some tanks at a yard, so there was no big rush. I remembered to turn on my phone on the way to work.

I had a rather cryptic message from my Sis. "If you get this message within the next ten minutes, give me a call." It had been left at around 7:30am. It was now about nine. Well, ya leave me a message like that - I gotta know what's up. So, I called her back.

Turns out she found an abandoned Great Pyrenees pup. He had been out for a while - his coat was full of stickers, and he was thin as a rail. Sis is involved in animal rescue efforts - she generally is hosting several kittens until they get adopted. Even though she is allergic to cats.

I have wanted a Great Pyrenees for years. I like big dogs. I like St. Bernards, but they can suffer in our summer heat. Great Pyrenees are better suited to the heat. Ergo, that's what I want.

However, I'm not home much anymore, except on weekends. Not good for a puppy. Plus, Babs is pretty well invested in the idea that she is the queen of all she surveys. A puppy would rock her world, and not in a good way. My buddies with dogs drop by with their hounds sometimes, and she is not much on their visits. She's a one man dog, and kinda expects me to be a one dog man. It's only fair, after all.

Sis knows I want a Great Pyrenees. Here was my opportunity. But, she wasn't surprised to hear me say no. She had to try, if only for the sake of the pup. I asked her if she took him to the lesbian vets. No, they were full.

The lesbian vets are two women that run a vet clinic together, and take in strays. They are part of a no euthanasia network. By the way, I call them the lesbian vets to be flip, not because I think less of them. I've been to the clinic, and they obviously are good, kind hearted professionals who are extremely popular with their clientèle, both human and animal.

So, the afore mentioned pup is residing at the pound, where his existence is not guaranteed. I really doubt he'll have any problems getting adopted, but to ease my conscience and help my Sis sleep better: If you are in the Oklahoma City area or have a desire for such a dog, let me know. I'll find out the pertinent info from Sis.

Just Damn! (with apologies to Dax Montana)


Bob's Blog said...

What a sweet puppy. You made the right decision, though.

We have a Burnese Mountain dog puppy. She is going to be a big one.

Rave said...

Call Jerry- get my number from him. I will take a look at the puppy if it is still available.

Jerry in Texas said...

I sent you an e-mail with Rave's information.

Jeffro said...

Rave: I gave your number to my sister. She will be contacting you with the pertinent info. She did say the pound called her and they think he is a full blooded Pyrenees.

Let's hope for the best.