Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scott Kalitta Killed

NHRA Funny Car driver Scott Kalitta was killed in competition at Englishtown NJ just a few hours ago. He is on the same team as Hillary Will, who's blog is linked on my sidebar.

I saw the crash on ESPN2, and it was terrible. I'm sure it will be shown on YouTube soon. I'm not sure I recommend seeing it - his car catches fire, the chute was burned to uselessness, and he smashed into the retaining wall at the end of the track at a very high rate of speed.

It had to be horrible.

Edit: this post is all of a sudden very popular with searches for video of Scott's crash, and I've had to delete a pretty sick comment. No, I don't have a link for the video, so get over it.


Mo K said...

I tuned in to ESPN2 to watch the Nationwide series about an hour ago and heard about this. I'm not familiar with this driver (being a newbie) but I'm shocked and so damned saddened. Yeah, I know that it's a dangerous sport, and no question that had it not been for the many improvements to vehicles, racetracks, etc. there would have been more injuries and deaths, but it's another reason why I'm glad that they pray to the Lord God Almighty before every race.


Sezme said...

I saw it. I didn't realize what I was watching at the time and then he hit the retaining wall.

That is so sad. His poor family and friends.