Sunday, June 22, 2008


I posted earlier about how my "new" truck had to go to Wichita to get pinstriped by "Nadine." One of our guys drove it there to get the wheels polished out and to have Nadine lay some pinstripes on it. She uses the same font for our lettering, as you will see, but she is free to use whatever colors or patterns she wants everywhere else. She also keeps track of what she has used on previous trucks of ours so there is some commonality.

This is the left fender behind the headlight. She has the fender well outlined and the little design she used there is her idea. This is also where she put her signature. She signs all her trucks in a rather discreet fashion, if ya ask me.

This is the left side of the hood. She also painted the truck number.

I deliberately didn't shoot our company name. It wouldn't be hard to figure it out, but I'm not going to completely give it away. Her lettering for the company name is far more elaborate than what you see here.

Most of our trucks are white with blue fenders and trim, matching our blue and white Cormach knuckle boom cranes. This is the right side of the hood of one of our brand new Kenworths.

Nadine started putting this "medallion" on the fender line on our newer trucks. The older ones lack this little detail.

Note the same fonts as my truck, just different colors.

The design on the fairing behind the doors. I tried to get my camera to take a pic of her signature in the design, but it wouldn't focus closer to the white truck like it did on mine.

This is what she does with a black canvas - hood right side International 9400i. The striping is starting to chip away on this truck - too many power washes rather than hand washing. This truck gets washed at the Blue Beacon quite a bit.

This is all hand painted. I've seen her work, and she does lay out some character lines, but most of it is free hand. She uses a palette to mix her slightly different shades of color. She'll also touch up her work for a period of time as well. I think she charged about $450 or less for my truck. Sleeper trucks cost more - the more area to be covered, etc.

So, if you are ever on the High Plains, and happen to see a truck go by with rather tasteful pinstripes and classic lettering, it's probably Nadine's work.


Sezme said...

I so wish I could do that for a living.

That's some nice work.

Earl said...

Very nice, the artist's work, and that the company allows, provides or encourages the extra flash of culture on their trucks - maybe they like their employees? Certainly hope so.

ptg said...

Beautiful work.