Saturday, April 12, 2008

Leah Meter Maid

One thing the internet has done for us is to make the world a far smaller place. Any of you who read these scribblings know I've not had the greatest time as far as health goes in the past four months. One of my favorite bloggers, Steve H. of Hog on Ice, linked my prairie dog post and told the world about my health problems - the second time he did so. One of the commenters wishing me well was Leah Friedman, and eighteen year old girl from Israel.

Steve found out just the other day about her problems. Like I said, she is only eighteen. She is a supporter of gay rights and helping those with AIDS. She supports the reestablishment of Eretz Israel. She also has a severe heart condition that required the installation of a defibrillator. The doctors had to increase her meds, and she had a reaction that led her into respiratory arrest. She may have brain damage. She has come out of a coma, signed to her parents that she loves them, and asked for a Coke - so she is improving.

Leah and her family have also received threatening emails, comments on her blog and phone calls. Members of "The Religion of Peace©" are responsible. Yes, those brave individuals who tell us we are the spawn of Satan are showing how honorable they are by threatening an eighteen year old girl in a coma. So, her parents and friends have removed her email and picture from her website.

Now, if G_d calls me home tomorrow, I will have few regrets. I've been on the planet a few years and have had the opportunity to live a life. However, in my humble opinion, Leah has not. I have been praying for her to improve, and posting supportive comments on her blog. It is the least I can do. I ask you to do the same. Her blog is called Leah Meter Maid. If you've got a moment, send up a prayer for her. It does seem to be working.

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