Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ho Heen

When I was a baby, my dad bought my mother a German Shepherd. He named her after Mother's middle name - Josephine. As I grew and became ambulatory, it was clear Josephine loved me and I loved her. I couldn't pronounce Josephine. It came out Ho Heen. So, Ho Heen it was.

We became inseparable. She would lie beside me while I played in my sandbox (a tractor tire with a sidewall cut out and filled with sand). I'd drive my cars all over her, dump sand on her, and many more indignities that a noble German Shepherd would normally find insufferable. She was my constant companion. I used to have a bit of wanderlust, disappearing onto the prairie and confounding my mother. But, I had Ho Heen beside me and protecting me.

Yep, she darn sure had my welfare in mind. One fine summer day Mother heard me raising hell - I was mad and highly upset. She stepped out the door to see Ho Heen holding me by the seat of my pants, preventing me from playing with a coiled and buzzing rattler. Mother dispatched the venomous legless lizard with a shovel, and a legend was born.

Ho Heen already could do no wrong, but this incident elevated her to Permanent Pet Icon and Hero. However, Ho Heen, like her minute master, liked a little wandering herself. She'd disappear for several days at a time, then she'd be back, welcome in the folds of our family. On one trip she didn't make it back. My parents always told me someone had stolen her - supposedly there were a lot of German Shepherd thefts to supply labs with test animals in those days. Looking back, I'm sure some coyotes got her - they are hell on pets who stray from safety of the farm.

I've had some pretty decent dogs over the years, but none match the Peerless Legend Ho Heen.


nora leona said...

Ho Heen was amazing.
What a great tribute.
I came to your blog via Jerry.

Stacy said...

What's that Ho Heen? Jeffro fell down the well? Sorry. Couldn't resist. She sounds like a great dog. My two beasts aren't that smart, but I love 'em to death.

Jeffro said...

nora: Thanks for stopping by - I had to go check out your blog. Good luck with the new laptop!

stacy: ROFL - and little Billy started a fire in the barn smoking cigarettes? Woof Woof!

Jerry in Texas said...

I never had a dog. That must be quite a bond you two had.

We had lots of pigs. They would try to eat you if you stood still very long. It's just not the same as you and Ho Heen.