Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Guy

The Young Doctor and I

Og has a post up about being a big guy. He likes being big.

Well, so do I. I was always the largest kid in class - until I got to college. I'm 6'3" and 330lbs at the moment. At Saint Mary of the Plains there was a guy who was built like me that was 6'9". He was proportionally stronger than me, too. At K-State, I was kinda tiny at the athletic dorms. I've also usually been pretty tubby. Twenty years ago working for a warehouse, I slimmed down to 205lbs. I was in pretty good shape, too. Oh well.

Clothes have always been a problem. I need about a 12.5 shoe, which of course isn't made. So I buy a lot of 13s. My feet aren't even close to being big, but it isn't always easy finding what I want in a thirteen. T-shirts that aren't tall sized and XXXL - forget it. Regular XXXL shirts must be made for very wide midgets. While I do have a big gut, it isn't the problem in tight spots. My chest is what hangs me up trying to slide under the pumpkins on truck rear axles for servicing.

At the discount store and the Post Office I was generally detailed to physical work and the smaller people got to sit in front of a pc - even though I was better qualified at those types of jobs. I was definitely better with physical demands as well (of course now I couldn't fight my way out of a wet paper bag). I usually have to go through doorways slightly sideways, and in some older houses I have to duck. I've dented my head plenty of times in basements and attics. Motel (and hospital) beds are too short.

Vehicles are chosen because of how they fit. I remember seeing a Fiat X19 years ago, and I couldn't even slide my leg under the steering wheel to get in. The GM F-bodies from 1982 on - forget it. They had to have the sunroof out for me to sit up in the seat. Surprisingly I could fit in a 1986 Toyota MR2 - but it generally created a sensation when climbing out. People didn't believe their eyes that I actually fit in the dern thing, and many mentioned that to me. My old Vette was the same way. I fit, but barely. One of my friends who has shoulders wider than mine rode with me to a Chiefs game some years ago. We had to take turns using the center armrest, and we had to sit slightly twisted to get our shoulders to fit. I was the first logged passenger for another friend with a shiny new pilot's license - in a Cessna 150. We could only carry half tanks of fuel, or we couldn't get off the ground.

But, I generally get left alone in tense situations. I can see over crowds, and force my way through if necessary. Heavy items aren't a problem (or they didn't used to be). I can't even begin to remember the times I've pulled something from a top shelf for someone at work or the grocery store. I've carried little old ladies from a seat in a car to their wheelchair. I may not need that ladder. If I'm in a bad mood, people generally leave me alone.

So, is it worth it being big?

Hell yeah.

that picture is from my friend The Young Doctor's wedding several years ago. Y'all needed to see me in a tux - rarely do I get away from t-shirts and jeans.

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