Friday, April 25, 2008

And Even More Meme

RT tagged me with this one:

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1. Did ya grow up hating certain foods, only when you grew up ya liked 'em? For instance, I used to detest onions, green peppers and asparagus. I still can't stand radishes or turnips. Turnips in a stew - well, something about the taste and texture throws me off my feed. That is hard to do. These days I hardly fire up the skillet without sautéeing green peppers, onion and shrooms.

2. How about different kinds of meat? Like organ meats such as tongue, heart, liver, brains, and good ol' Rocky Mountain Oysters? I grew up on a farm, after all. Game animals were part of the diet as a treat - deer, pheasant, dove, duck and cottontail graced our supper table. I tried buffalo and mountain lion at a Duck's Unlimited banquet years and years ago. Of course, bullheads, channel cats, bass, crappie and walleye have been on the menu. One of my buds brought home elk after a big hunting trip in Wyoming. Elk and buffalo definitely rival beef and exceed it in certain ways.

3. Speaking of youth - when I was five or six, I started on a life of crime. I shoplifted some Matchbox cars from the local drugstore. My parents wondered where the new toys came from, and quizzing me found out the truth. I got my butt warmed and had to personally go to the owner and pay him for what I had taken. It took my allowance for some time to cover the cost. I have led a theft free life since then. Not necessarily crime free, considering speed limits and such, but no stealing at all.

4. And, reminiscing about early childhood and my antisocial ways: I used to take off with my dog and disappear for several hours. Drove my mother nuts. I knew I wasn't supposed to do it, but I did it anyway. Mother would panic and call the neighbors to help try to find me. I can remember hiding in weeds in the road ditch as one of the neighbors on a search mission tried to find me. He had found me before, and it wasn't a pleasant experience, so when I heard his pickup coming, I hid, and pushed my dog down too. This all came to an end when Dad found me at our silage pit. He picked up a stick and swatted me any time I slowed down or turned around to cry about my mistreatment. All the way to our house, about a quarter mile away. I stayed in the yard to play after that.

5. I'm nearsighted and have glasses. I wear them only when I have to. I even take them off at a restaurant.

6. I started "driving" around five years old. Dad had me guide the pickup in the pasture while he spread bales from the back. I couldn't reach the pedals, so he'd stick it in "granny", ease the clutch out, slide out the door, and walk to the back. After he was done, I'd scoot over, he'd climb back in and off we'd go.

7. I'm Irish and German on both sides. My mother's family really relished their Irish roots. My Grandma on that side used to sing to Sis and I. Danny Boy, Loch Lomond, The Good Ship Lollipop, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Molly Malone were on the playlist. Yeah, several aren't Irish, but they were part of the family tradition. There were others, but I've slept a couple times since then, and can't remember them. Grandma was normally a quiet woman, and she was that way when she sang. She's straighten her back, ease her head back, and perform in her quavering voice. I drifted off to many a nap with that accompaniment.

Now is the time I'm supposed to tag seven people. Well, if you read this and feel like it, jump right on it. I had fun!

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Sezme said...

I learned to drive in three days. That's all I'm saying.

Nice memories of your grandmom. :)