Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Update Time

Ho ho ho! Santa is full of air, at any rate

I was feeling full of pi$$ and vinegar Sunday so I decided to put out my astounding collection of Christmas decorations freshly purchased from Wally World. I was just in my t-shirt and underwear, and just slapped on a pair of gym shorts. As the day progressed, that was really not appropriate attire. Brrr.

This picture lies
You'd think I put lights up the whole length of my gutters on the side of the house, but you'd be wrong. I just put up about thirty feet on the part of the house that is most visible from the street. I might have felt good, but not "hang lights on the whole house" good.

While I was out near the street tying ol' Santa down, one of my friends came riding by on his bike - and he stopped in for a visit. I'm mostly a hermit, but on the other hand, it was great to see him and shoot the breeze.

Monday was a pretty decent day too. It was a tad warmer than Sunday, so I buttoned up a heavy windbreaker and jumped on my bike for about an hour or so. I didn't ride around town - I headed out towards Dodge and came back on a back road. By the time I got home, the wind had finally driven into my clothing. Sixty degrees is just beyond the abilities of my clothing to keep me warm. I ordered a leather biker jacket later on - we'll see if the thing fits.

Yesterday was a big trip to Wally World. After sitting in a bed for some time and more or less being house ridden for a while has really put me behind as far as any kind of stamina. I was really kinda pooped from the past couple days, and today I'm really suffering.

Part of the trouble is my leg muscles have had to change how they are used. I've pretty well lost the feeling in my toes. It feels like I'm walking on the balls of my feet, and my toes are not touching the ground. That ain't what's happening - they're on the ground as normal - I just can't feel it. So, that means I'm no longer balancing on my toes - I'm balancing on the balls of my feet. So, since that requires rather a tad more torque outta my leg muscles in my shin just below the knee - by nighttime they are screaming. It will just take time to get used to it. I've had diabetic neuropathy long enough to be extremely familiar with all this - I hate climbing on ladders because I have no real sense of where my feet are on the rungs. I can do it, but I have to be very careful and look down once in a while to check and see if what I'm feeling is actually correct.

Tomorrow I've gotta go to Wichita. My opthamologist found that I've got some damage in the right retina - diabetic retinopathy is the cause. Last time I saw him, he noted it, but it wasn't affecting my vision. Now it is. Apparently I've ruptured a small blood vessel, and the specialist in Wichita will probably zap it with a laser. So, no big deal, just another doctor and a bill. I'd certainly like to get that fixed.

At some point in January, I'll be going to an orientation class at Via St. Christie in Wichita for bariatric surgery. I just can't help but feel that is my best choice. I can't exercise because I'm too heavy, I have no willpower to lose weight, a lot of my health problems would be considerably relieved if I lost weight, exercising would be far easier, and on and on and on. All my doctors agree.

So that is what I'm a gonna do!


threecollie said...

Glad you are progressing and surely hope things just get better and better. But, sorry about the foot thing. Ouch.

jed said...

Pullin' for ya, as always, Jeffro.

You hung lights today -- that's some exercise. Even if you walk around the house twice every day, it's something, which is better than nothing. I'll bet your orientation thing will have some other suggestions too.

In the meantime, you know I have to pass on news items of interest.

Semi-truck tips over in Wheat Ridge. Worst thing, it was carrying beer! Well, maybe it was just Coors.

Jeffro said...

Thanks Marianne and jed.

At least it was just Coors!!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go on a ladder without something around to hang on, like a rail. Or my head will spin.

And you - heroically put on the lights! I can't imagine myself doing that if someone paid me. Speaking of which - just now was returning home from shopping I passed by couple of houses that's consuming electricity of couple of 2 small 3rd world countries - they were covered in lights from weatherwind to steps, with all kinds of blinking snowmen, Santas, sleights and such. The sign on the fence advertized for some "Christmas Decoration" business...

Wish you luck at the clinic. And a Merry, Merry Christmas

Jeffro said...

Back at you, Tatyana. Have a Happy New Year as well!