Monday, December 23, 2013

I Yam From Where I Yam

The NYT has a quiz up called How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk. I'd say they had me down pretty well, since I do live just west of Wichita. It's a fun test - after each answer there is a map showing areas where your answer is used the most - it's a color "heat" map just like the one above.

So how close is the test for you?


Jess said...

It's close, although you would probably think I came from the middle of Louisiana, instead of Texas.

I blame this on being raised in a town with a huge petrochemical complex.

Anonymous said...

"3 most similar cities: New York, Newark and Patterson (NJ)"

never heard of that bug! and that sunshine during a summer shower: I don have a word for it, but it's a Russian one ("blind rain")

USCitizen said...

If it's from the NY Times, it's a lie.

I took the quiz and it placed me within 15 miles.

URL / ISP tacking may have contributed much to their "accuracy".

drjim said...

Nailed it for me.

Placed me in the Chicago/Rockford/Aurora area, which is so close it's freaky!

Unknown said...

Mine was not too far off. Modesto/Stockton/Santa Rosa. Grew up in Orange County, but it looks like my NorCal days played a large influence. If they added in one more question they could have pinned me down.

Hella Cool, or just cool. That will place you NorCal or Socal.

Lisa Paul said...

I must have done something wrong. As an ARmy Brat, I lived or traveled in most states in the U.S. But this pegged me as Pennsylvania, Modesto and Michigan, three areas where I've never been.