Friday, December 13, 2013

Laugh I Thought I'd Die

Surely we've all heard about the fake sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial service, attended by heads of state from all over the world with this nimrod right beside them as they gave their speeches. Now we find this out:
A man being criticized by sign language experts for providing fake interpretations while standing close to President Obama and other heads of state at Nelson Mandela’s memorial says he becomes violent “a lot” and was hallucinating during the event.
Just the kinda guy you'd want standing next to Dear Leader. Just because, here is a clip showing the faker next to the President - so we know it really happened.


Now, I realize that the slip up in security is the fault of South Africa's security agency. Fine. However, as far as protecting Dear Leader, our Secret Service - the supposedly finest crack protectors on the planet - failed. How?

They trusted someone else to take care of their own security responsibilities.

Did they check each and every person who was going to be on the stage with Teh Won? Did they ask for complete background info on all these people? Did they verify this information?

Seems obvious they did not.

There are so many ways that the fake interpreter could have killed the President or any other leader that it's ridiculous. Where would we be if he had? What would our Secret Service have to say for itself then?

The point I'm working up to here is to just remember this little incident the next time someone tells you that you should not protect yourself because you should leave that to the police.

Are the cops as "high quality" as the Secret Service? Are they right beside us at all times?

Of course not.

Are we allowed to vet our protectors? Make sure they can shoot straight, can handle a weapon without negligent discharges? Guarantee that they won't show up in the middle of the night dressed in black, carrying military weapons and kill our pets even though they're at the wrong house? Tear the place down and never acknowledge that repairs will be needed?

Of course not.

How about maybe just show up on time when we need 'em?

Nope, can't even do that. What's more, if they don't make it, they aren't responsible. You paid for the service, but if it sucks, you have no recourse. Can't sue. No refund.

We've just seen the A team of personal security blow chunks internationally by trusting someone to take care of their responsibilities.

Why should I allow my right to personal defense to be abrogated in favor of an ineffectual law enforcement system?

So, when someone suggests that is just what we should do, I'm gonna be saying politely "You may piss off, madam/sir. It's my right, my responsibility, and no one is going to do the job effectively besides me."

I may not even be that polite.


Anonymous said...

I thought for a while you're suggesting the Secr.Serv. did it on purpose, you know - got fed up the the arrogant bastard and just went on strike! Or maybe it's a coup, in best 3rd World traditions - after all, the Subject is doing everything in his [considerable, alas] power to demote the country to that status - what about tasting his medicine?!

But then you turned into familiar route...

Jeffro said...

Heh. I stick with the familiar - although I'm for thinking your supposition is not very far fetched at all........

jed said...

That is an excellent takeaway, Jeffro. I bet not too many people thought of that angle. I sure didn't.

Jeffro said...

Thanks, jed!

David said...

This would've been an unimaginable tragedy, because then Joe Biden would become President. The first hopelessly senile head of state since the last few years of the USSR's Leonid Brezhnev.

Jeffro said...

Snork! At this point, I'm not sure it would be worse. Different? For sure. But worse than Teh Won? The mind boggles!