Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Yellow River

By IP Freely
And that's what it's all about.

Officially, I'm in the hospital for congestive heart failure. The ol' ticker is still working as well as it can, but the cardiac sac is full of fluid, as well as just about everything else. I was so overloaded with fluid that when I ate something, it would cut into my lung capacity, making me short of breath. Life was pretty miserable.

The added weight is also contributing to pinching nerves from the spine, which led to my fall.

So, the strategy is to give me lots of diuretics, monitor certain levels to keep from sustaining kidney damage, cut way back on fluid intake (I can assure you I'm dehydrated), and work on dieting as well.

I can tell when magnesium and potassium levels are low, because my left hand gets some severe cramps. The other day it lasted for three hours. Three hours of watching my hand make unusual shapes and gestures because my other hand was too tired to fight it trying to pull the muscles back out. Hurt like hell.

Another problem is that the kidneys aren't responding as well as expected. They're pulling out water, just not in the quantities needed. Which is why I'm still here - I've got to be shed of a lot more before I'm gonna be released. Perhaps by next Friday.

Plus, my new laptop has a charging problem. Cuzzin  Tom got an iPad from Wally World for me. I can tell you I am no Apple fanboy - this thing won't do tons of stuff that a Windows unit does. Like spacing images in a particular file. Can Apple let me drop an image in any any other place than the main picture file? That would be No, and damn you for asking. Shaddup and worship The Jobs, and be grateful you were allowed to buy this wonderful bit of tech.

Needless to say, when the laptop is repaired and back in my hot little hands, this puppy is going bye bye. Should I get the bug for a different tablet, it's gonna be Winders or Android. End of story.

The schedule after I get out is also grim to include a visit with a lap band practitioner in Wichita. I simply must lose weight, end of story.

Gawd knows what this little staycation is gonna cost. I'd think they could break up the monopoly of scrambled egg for breakfast. Sheesh. I had some hot sauce in my overnight bag for just this sort of thing, but it ran dry the other day. It's pepper and Mrs. Dash for seasoning, and that's it.

I keep telling myself that things could be worse, which is true. Onward I go.


Jeffro said...

"Storing" not spacing. Stupid system won't allow me to start the cursor there, and there are no arrow functions on the virtual keyboard. POS.

Earl said...

Thanks for the update, will remember you at services today. Good luck with the doctors and their best efforts, they mean well and having watched my family struggles with the healthcare system do try your very best to get on the program - denial doesn't work for addicts, nor sinners. Not as a permanent solution.

You do have to stick around and get healthier - we have only passed on the road of life - never having met at the service stops along the highway.

threecollie said...

Rough road my friend, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Dad Bones said...

As PTG has said, you sometimes have to follow the (doctors') rules for a long time before you can go back to breaking them. And that's if you get well enough to break them or sick enough to no longer care if you do.

Laura said...

Best to you, my friend! Keep the good fight going!

SteveK said...

Hi Jeff. Both myself and Uncle Pleasant are pulling for you! This sure has been an ordeal but I just know it's going to get better. Hoping you'll be out of the hospital by Friday.

Best wishes and prayers for you!
Cousin Steve

CGHill said...

There are times I wonder, if I'm retaining so doggone much water, why I don't slosh when I walk.

Anonymous said...

Carry on! [but not water, please]
The Ipad is irritating, but your misbehaving kidneys are more annoying.
Try not to imagine scenarios awaiting for you in Wichita - you don't know, maybe it won't be too bad. You'll solve this puzzle as it comes.

Wishing you speedy recovery

jed said...

You can get an iPad at Wal-Mart? I almost never hit the electronics dept. there, so how would I know?

Do you have Kroger's out there? (i.e. King Soopers) They have home delivery. Maybe they could bring you some Sriracha and Choloula? Actually, I'm a bit surprised they don't have something on hand there, maybe Tobasco. Have you tried applying some of that vaunted Borland charm on the nurses? Might be one of 'em would bring you something to spice things up.

I do know someone who has had success with that lap band deal. She has mentioned that you have to stick to the whole program though. But I think you're up for that.

Keeping my hopes up for Friday, bud.

Roberta X said...

Thinking of you, dammit. We could try mailing you some hot sauce.

drjim said...

Hang in there, buddy!

And do EXACTLY what the Doctor says!

Lisa Paul said...

I second that. Do EXACTLY what the doctor says. But you might ask if there is anything dietary and non-invasive you can do in the short term to help things. Like watermelon. It's a natural diuretic. And a lot more fun to ingest than more pills. And lap band? From your earlier posts, it seemed that you aren't chowing down cheeseburgers, but have been trying to carefully follow a diet. Is there a medically controlled/supervised juice fast you can do? I did one for three days recently just to clean out so I could better identify later which foods were bothering me. In just three days, I dropped a ton of water and felt much better. After that, it was much easier to eat just salads and clean food. Again, I'm no doctor, but surgery sounds pretty extreme for you at this point. And I bet you'd rather not be poked and prodded anymore at this point. My thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Prayers sent, buddy. Keep up the fight.

lisa said...

Thinking of you! My step dad has congestive heart failure also. He had a few strokes (only in his early 60's), it took him quite awhile to get better. The hardest part was making him retire. He did not want to. He didn't want to change his diet,(mom gave him no choice!). You can do it and we are all rooting for you! Get better and healthier soon!

Bob's Blog said...

You can do it, Jeffro. You have done many things in your life that have been harder. Start by cutting out the sugar. I am rooting for you.

WendyFromNY said...

I think that there may be an app for that! A photo storage app where you can move those pictures around. Have a little look-see around on good ole iTunes. Hope things turn around for you...