Saturday, September 07, 2013

Skid Marks in the Tighty Whities

From Fox News:
Um, talk about the worst interview ever... a marketing video aimed at demonstrating the clarity of the new 84-inch LG HD-TV screen is going viral. But only after the company successfully put the fear of God into its unsuspecting applicants.
LG set up the new screen so that it appeared to be a window when job-seekers walked into an office for an interview. But the scene the applicants witnessed taking place outside? Oh, nothing, just the end of the world. 
About two-thirds of the way through the terrifying stunt, the LG execs would come out and reveal the prank.
Yeah, I'm for thinking I'd be headed for the door, too. I doubt I'd be very happy with any "LG executive" who was trying to explain that it was all in fun.

Give one of 'em a black eye, then laugh and laugh. "See how funny it is now, ya putz!" Yeah, that'd be funny too.

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The Old Man said...

Like George Thorogood said in "One Bourbon, One Shot, and One Beer":

" I know. Now you funny.. now everybody funny... "

Helps you decide where to work....and where to shoot...