Monday, September 02, 2013

Home Front: Cat-Human Relationship On The Upswing

What a difference a little more time makes. And the toy advice from Heather was spot on. I forgot toys and such for Kitsey the last WallyWorld trip - but I always forget crap. I get in off of two or more days on the road and forget what I need or not.

So I rigged up a small whisk to play the role of a mouse tied on a string. Kitsey enjoyed that, but she really enjoyed the toys I bought at the Dollar General here in town. Catnip infused, doncha know.

She's jumping in my lap now, but it's usually when I'm asleep. I sleep mostly in a recliner (I plug up if I lie down), and she'll just all of a sudden be there climbing all over me. Groggy, I try to get her to lie down, but she gets kinda bored and goes to exploring, which does not do my sleep quality any favors.

But it's a major improvement for sure. She's more than happy to let me pick her up and sit down with her in my lap. She'll last alot longer than my diuretically inspired bladder.

I also forgot a water spritzer, but I haven't needed or wanted one so far. I've caught her jumping down from places she shouldn't be in my bedroom all of twice. It's enough for me that I know she knows, and she is well aware that's a no no. Beyond that seems to be asking a lot of a cat.

I haven't let her outside, either. She used to be a part time outside kitteh, but I'm not confident enough for that yet. She has decided that poor ol' Bob is bad news. I still feed him treats, and we still follow the same routine. He likes to step inside while I go inside to get his goodies, then we both go out. Last night Kitsey was waiting. She voiced her disapproval with his appearance in her life rather loudly.

Bob is such a wuss that it scared him - he turned back around and stepped back outside. Didn't go anywhere - he still wanted his goodies, but he was not wild about that reception.

She really likes a couple of yarn wound balls I also bought with those little rattle bells attached. I'll wake up to the sound of one of those being batted across the floor.

I'd sure like her to try to get in my lap when I'm awake more often, so that's something we sorta need to work towards. On the flip side, it sure seems she's laid claim to me and that I'm supposed to be all hers, so that's a great thing.

I'm wearin' her down, by golly.


HEATHER said...

Yay! Glad it's working out for you and her!

threecollie said...

Glad she is doing so much better. I was hoping she would come around