Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Am Not Amused

This ad, or a variation has been appearing on my timeline on Facebook. Lessee - they know I'm single. Probably figured out I'm capable of scaring small children with my looks. Perhaps they're just thinking of me? Trying to help me out? Match me genetically so we crank out ugly kids? And the ugly women?

The are DESPERATE. Oh boy, this means I'm practically guaranteed to get laid, doncha know. If we have fun dates. Well hell yeah, happy endings are always fun, I say.

So they think I'm looking for big boobed ugly gals? That's pretty insulting to me and to women in general. Frankly, I'm thinking if this gal looses the glasses, she's pretty nice looking.

I'm for thinking Facebook's algorithm for matching ads to users is flawed in two directions - one, they still have a problem picking out appropriate stuff, and two, I'm not really sure they have very many ads to choose from. Sooner or later, they're gonna have to pass off some of the more questionable stuff to get paid, so here they put this crap on my feed.

Just in case I'm a complete creep.

And don't you for one second think I've clicked on that ad. I'd be afraid the 'puter would pick up something pretty skanky at a site like that, and I don't mean a social disease either.

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jed said...

Looking at the biceps, I'd say that a certain amount of image enhancement has been employed, and not very skillfully at that.