Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So Jeff Danziger is a hawk? Who knew?

Sure hard to tell from all the "Bush Lied, People Died" and other anti-war crap he was espousing during W's terms of office. Apparently he's in favor of half-assed leadership when it comes to planning attacks and actually making decisions.

Yep, drawing a line, denying he drew a line, checking the wind vanes of public perception every ten seconds, dithering, giving away any tactical surprise - hey! What could go wrong?!? It's all Congress' fault for the pickle Dear Leader finds himself in! Silly me!

I will give Teh Won credit for leadership in one area. He is definitely showing leadership on gun control issues. Too bad it's all unconstitutional, but for supposedly being a Constitutional scholar, the document clearly means nothing to him.


threecollie said...

Hoping you are feeling better today....

Jess said...

Chickenhawk...or is it just chicken