Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Things That Piss Me Off # 5409

Look. I understand. Driving through a thunderstorm is a scary proposition when it is raining very hard and the wind is blowing seventy odd mph. I get it.

However, if you are on a heavily trafficked road, slowing down and impeding traffic is not a wise idea. Putting on your flashers isn't helping, either. Why?

Because of your fearful reaction, people could die. Probably not you, because you'll probably just motor on like nothing happened. But the people behind you? Their patience is gonna run out and they will try to pass you. And it's not likely to be the guy right behind you - nope, it's the impatient idjut five cars behind who will pull out to pass the whole bunch and end up in a head on collision.

All because you had no business being out there if you can't keep up with traffic.

So, pull off the road already and wait it out if the weather scares you so badly. No, not on the side of the road, dummy - someone will come along and rear end you, and you might get hurt as well. Nope, find a driveway or a side road and get the f&(k outta the way. If you are on an interstate or some such, do not pull under an overpass and park on the side of the road. For the same reason. Exit the damn road, stupid.

When the conditions are bad like that, I'd just about as soon be in my truck. Why, you ask?

For one thing, my windshields are nearly vertical. Look at your car and see how your windshield is considerably sloped rearward. Imagine gallons of water being dumped on your car at once. My vertical windshield will shed water far more quickly than your sloped one will. My wipers keep up.

I'm also usually heavy enough that hydroplaning isn't as big of an issue as well. So, I can see where I'm going, and am tracking straight without being jerked around. Even my pickup has more vertical glass.

But all that is neither here nor there if you find yourself too scared to drive with the rest of the crowd. Do us all and yourself a favor - get off the road and wait until it clears. On the Great Plains, that generally takes all of five minutes.


drjim said...

Agree 100%!!

lisa said...

That is why I use Rain-X! I don't have that problem and I do agree with you on that one!

David said...

Good points. But what do you do if you're in the middle of a monsoon on an interstate in the middle of nowhere with an exit nowhere in sight for the next several miles? Yes, that's happened to me more times than I care to admit.

Jeffro said...

Then you have to pull over as far as you can and hope like hell no one rear ends you!

And out here, one can see these things coming, so in areas where you cannot see the incoming weather - yes, I can understand that. But out here on the wide open prairie? Spare me - we've all seen the front coming in and what it may contain. Let it pass. It's worth your life to wait a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

I did, I did!I'm perpetually off the road, rain or shine. Not even close to a wheel, attached or not.
Stop yelling already!

Jeffro said...

Tatyana: Yannow, after I'd gone through all the crap from heart surgery, I figured I'd be a LOT more patient in dealings with the fellow man out there. You know, being grateful to be alive and all, and more willing to live and let live.

Well, I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

You can be grateful and patient and let live all you want, but if the other guy doesn' angel would feel a bit peeved.