Sunday, May 12, 2013

Such A Geek


I don't care, sometimes certain scenes from movies make me sad. And it's hardly a secret how I like Star Trek, particularly the The Original Series. Actually, liked em all, but probably Voyager and Enterprise the least. And while this clip isn't as moving as Spock's death, it's still noteworthy (for a geek).

I mean, how can you go wrong? The Next Generation was definitely blessed to have Sir Patrick Stewart as a regular cast member, and Bill Shatner - what a career! He definitely gave Captain Kirk style and personality. To see him die, well, it was rough. Spock, last I knew, is still alive even in the rebooted movie franchise.

Speaking of which, I'm quite sure I'll find my fat butt parked in a theater near me next weekend if at all possible, to see Star Trek Into Darkness. I liked the first reboot, even if it was a tad busy for me, and hope this one has some more character development. The usual interplay between Kirk, Spock and Bones that was the hallmark of the original series was pretty sketchy. I'm hoping J.J. Abrams has taken on that task.

So, what do you fellow fans out there think of the "new" "reimagined" Star Trek?


jed said...

Hmmm. Voyager vs. Enterprise ... Jeri Ryan vs. Jolene Blalock ...

Tough choice.

I didn't watch enough of Enterprise to have an opinion. From what I did watch, it seemed a bit spotty. I watched most of Voyager, and I'd say the same about it. I actually liked Kate Mulgrew as a captain.

After TOS, I liked DS9 best. Yeah, it had its flat spots, and finale was too contrived, but overall, it was quite good.


Rubbish! Rubbish!

Jeffro said...

You forgot Terry Farrell, who made spotty skin seem really really fetching.

jed said...

No, didn't forget her. Just not germane to the V/E comparison. Didn't forget Marina Sirtis either, who just got better each season after the 1st. Or Gates McFadden.

Truth is, ST has always served up a decent amount of eye candy. A fair representation of actresses who later became more famous too, such as Joan Collins.

I'm not sure whom I'd rather see take on the mantle of perpetuating Star Trek, or even whether that's a good thing. But I do think that if you're going to do a prequel, either as a series, or a movie, you ought to stay more faithful to the original. But the movie business seems more interested in just milking it for a cash cow.

Jeffro said...

I dunno. I suppose the whole "reset" thing was really just laziness of a sort.

Mini skirts played a major part as well - can't forget them!

David said...

As far as the reboot goes, I think they did a fine job. But I question the idea that a reboot was necessary, just like is it necessary for any other classic series. Like you said, it all comes down to milking a cash cow.

drjim said...

Didn't know you went to Retrospace, Jeff!

I saw the first 'reboot', and while it was OK, and some of the actors did superb jobs, I think it tinkered with the canon and time line a bit too much.

I'll probably go see the next one soon.