Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Geekery. Pure D Geekery

Over at's page, they have a weekly poll. It is always on the home page on the right side and then down some. The current one kinda captured my eye, and since there is no way to link it directly I just figured I'd recreate it right here, where we can play amongst ourselves.

Now I gotta admit, I'm not that big of a Star Trek geek, because I had no idea what Rihannsu was. So, it turns out it's from a series of non canonical novels that portray the Romulans, and that is "their word for themselves."


And they missed rather a lot of other languages one might wanna know - like Andorian (which was big in Enterprise), or Breen. If the human throat could reproduce what they utter. Thus, I added the "other" category.

So, anyhow, which one for you?


MoK said...

Here's some geekery: Mr. Mo K. already speaks a little Klingon. He has a first edition Klingon/English dictionary in his library.

lisa said...

Since I always liked Spock(did I spell that right?) I will take Vulcan