Thursday, May 05, 2011

Well, That Was Interesting

I got to the motel tonight and fired up the ol' laptop, and when my browser displayed (as it usually does) the cached version of this site, I automatically hit refresh.

Only to find "This site has been removed."

Total surprise to me!

Well, a little digging into Blogger's online help session informed me that there had been suspicious activity in my account, so I had to get a text verification sent to my phone, and select a much better password.

When I opened up Gmail, I also discovered that "I" had been sending spam.

So, if you got one of those messages from me, I apologize, and hopefully this doesn't happen again.

Sorry fuckers....


MorningGlory said...

I didn't get any spam from you, Jeffro, but I did get an e-mail, allegedly from my 80-year old uncle, saying he was stranded in Spain, had lost his luggage, and could I please send him $2000. Ha! As if I have two grand lying around catching dust!

I called him (a retired USAF Master Sgt. - well traveled and not foolish enough to leave all his cash, checks, and credit cards in his luggage). He's fine, happily at home in Utah, about to leave on his morning walk.

Laura said...

Chances are- spammers were spamming from one of the same servers your blog (Blogger) uses. Anyway, it happened once with my blog- I use Yahoo as a host and Yahoo had to move my blog to another server. I knew you wanted to know this. Ha!