Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shocked To Find Gambling Here

Lessee if I've got this right here. A famous bodybuilder turned action adventure actor turned RINO governor of California is in hot water for not keeping Mr. Winky on a leash. The star of the Terminator franchise had such a bad reputation for his behavior both on and off the movie set that he was nicknamed The Gropinator for inappropriate behavior towards women.

And "we"(in the jaded audience seeking cheap thrills sense) are supposed to be shocked?



drjim said...

Not *I*......

Jeffro said...

I'm shocked that you're not shocked. Well, not really.

lisa said...

Hmmm, heard on the news this morning about a pregnant housekeeper had his child 10 years ago so shocked Nawwwww

drjim said...

Way back when I was working for a company that did satellite uplinks at special events, I got to meet quite a number of celebrities.
99% of the ones I met are complete phonies, with the sports "professionals" being the worst.
Most of the talking heads you see on TV are complete dolts, who couldn't find their rear end with both hands.
And yet these people are adored by their fans....go figure.
The nicest group I met (besides military people) were the NASCAR folks, followed by some of the baseball people.
The absolute WORST were the basketball idiots, followed closely but the football buffoons.

Moms Musings said...

I think he's been spending too much time with the Kennedy's