Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Earl

That's right. There are absolutely no other industries that receive tax breaks that make money. Nope, none what so ever.The feds never never give tax breaks to - oh, say tech or ag or auto or alternative energy industries. No local government has ever tried to entice businesses to locate in their area with tax breaks and bond issues. Nope, just big oil. They stand alone in this regard, and must be punished.

That's right. Government scientists who have absolutely no personal or political agendas on their dockets. Their views are completely neutral and pure as the driven snow. And don't you forget it - they are standing on the correct side of the issue. Even though they're non political.


drjim said... I detect a note of cynicism here?
Naaaah...just REALITY!
Great post!

lisa said...

Great post!!