Monday, May 23, 2011

I Let This One Go

It's my policy to line up on snakes on the road, but if I see they are not a rattler, I'll let 'em go. This one - a bullsnake in a pretty shade of brown - decided it wanted no part of me looking at it and fumbling with my phone camera. Most bullsnakes I see are a real dusty light brown, but this one was far darker.

I realized I had a picture of the typical wheat crop in the 'hood at the top of the pic. We call the stuff in the ditch "cheat grass." The wheat crop is gonna be pretty slim this year. For some reason, it seems to demand moisture in a timely fashion - something it has not gotten. Friday we did get some moisture, but it was of the hard frozen pellet variety. The wheat is heading out and it's about half to two thirds as tall as it should be. I don't know if there was anything in the heads for the hail to knock out.

We'll see, I'm sure.

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