Wednesday, February 02, 2011

When I Was Out and About

Sigh. When I was out and about driving around. I haven't turned a wheel since last Friday. The weather here has been windy and snow enough to keep us home, and since I was supposed to go to Michigan - well, frankly, the idea that I didn't have to drive through the ice and snow really hasn't broken my heart. A couple of trucks loaded for the same place are hung up on the east side of St. Louis - maybe today they can get moving again. So, here are some pics of travels past:

This is at the site in Michigan where I was supposed to be at noon today. That is a 12'x35' fiberglass tank up in the sky. While they are relatively light, it still takes a pretty good stick to drop them into a big containment field, which is the case here.

That is a cool rock formation south of Perryton, TX on Texas State Highway 70 on the west side of the road. Kinda has a "Long Hall Castle on the Butte" vibe to it, no?

While that may look like snow, it is not - and we're talking Texas Panhandle here. It's cotton.

This would be why cotton was scattered all over the road - this truck was loaded with cottonseed and the leftover fluffs of cotton were blowing out the top, as well as the seed. I could hear it hit my windshield and cab as I got closer. I've been digging cotton fluff out of my grill for several weeks now thanks to this guy.

So, what does a bored trucker do when it's too bad outside to go and play?

Well, for one thing, it's past time to rub aluminum. These tanks are suffering - just look at all the vertical streaks.

We've got a heavy duty polisher, which is what I should have used. It's pretty messy, though, because it really slings polish all over the place. I find it's just about as quick to shine by hand and spend much less time cleaning up. You can still see the vertical streaks I couldn't get rubbed out. They'll come out next time - if I don't wait too long. Still looks better than it did.

Tomorrow I'm venturing out - somewhere near Hays. It'll be cold!

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