Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Right Turn, Clyde

Yannow, if I'm turning right and have to go left a tad to make room to swing around the corner, and I'm running pretty slow? And you, in a big hurry, put the nose of your beat to s$*t import between the trailer and the curb? Like you're gonna pass me on the right while I'm making that right turn? You know, the right turn signals you've seen for a half block or more?

Yeah, you.

I'll go ahead and start swingin' for the turn, baybee. Then I'm gonna come to a stop somewhat reluctantly, when the vise of my trailer coming over starts putting you into the curb and just - just about results in contact. Then, we'll just go ahead and sit there until you throw your ride in reverse and get out of that jam. Or sit there until the cops come. I get paid by the hour, and you are in the compromising position, not me.

Why yes, I do have a license to fly that finger.


Anonymous said...

Attaboy! Them sumbitches do the same thing to me in my 22 foot stock trailer. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who gets a drivers license should have to, drive a vehicle with a long trailer on the back so they at least have a foggy notion as to why people who drive rigs like that, do what they do. I was just thinking about this day before yesterday as I made a corner with the little 16 foot trailer and noticed that I didn't have to swing out wide.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

My dad was not the most "observant" driver, and I remember being in this pickle more than once. I also remember my mother screaming at him to back up. Ahhhh, the sweet memories of yout.