Sunday, February 06, 2011

Color Me Warped

credit Jensen Sutta

This picture appeared in a post by Andrew Coffin of Big Government titled Exclusive: Governor Palin Visits Reagan Country where he discussed her visit and speech at Ronald Reagan's ranch celebrating his 100th birthday, and the NYT's reaction.

To Hell with politics - this picture makes me think of this song:


I swear, politics will reduce me to a slobbering, drooling idiot if it hasn't already....

Via SondraK


drjim said...

I always liked that song, but never knew who did it.
As far as the NYT and their snark that "Too many people don't relate to her..."
Only real Americans who work for a living can relate to her, not a bunch of effete, latte-sipping snobs who'd rather be told what to do and how to live.

Jeffro said...

It's really Too many people not like us don't relate to her..

jed said...

And some people <a href=">relate to her in strange ways</a>.

Jeffro said...

I kinda knew what that term meant - but I was totally unaware that Landover has a forum!