Sunday, September 19, 2010

Who Is Robbing Whom?

In Jeff Danziger's world, the gubbmint owns income and decides how much you keep to spend how you want. Those who want to keep .gov's greedy paws off of some of what they worked for are obviously stage coach robbers. Boehner is obviously a confused robber because he is willing to compromise rather than be totally partisan like Obama. Oh, wait, that can't be right - Teh Won promised to reach across the aisle and to end bipartisanship. Guess ol' Danziger forgot about that. It's different when the Evil Rethuglicans stand their ground - it's bad. It's the correct thing to do if you're a Progressive Do Gooder Thinking Man like Teh Won.

He is right about Boehner - I wish he had more spine and stood his ground.


drjim said...

Yeah, and Da Won is still drooling over our 401(k)'s, and made that The Little People can still freely own gold.
Wonder if he's gonna try an FDR gold grab?

MorningGlory said...

I do so wish that they'd stop referring to the current debate as 'tax cuts'. They're not cutting ANYONE'S taxes. They're deciding whether or not to raise them. If they let the Bush tax cuts expire, everyone will have a tax increase. If they renew the the Bush tax cuts, no one will have an increase. But you can bet your sweet fanny that no one, and I mean NO ONE will pay at a lower rate than they have since 2005.