Monday, September 13, 2010

Big River

I'm tellin' ya, to the Tubby Dust Bowl Boy here, this seems like a friggin' ocean.

View on a bridge looking north.

View to the south, he archly said. Where in the world was I?


Anonymous said...

Looks like one of many places along the Mighty Mississippi.

wv: supper - a bit late tonight, I think

Lisa Paul said...

Definitely the Mighty Mississip. But in a more northern state. Missouri or Indiana? I always thought the Mississippi would be a trickle the further you got north. Until I saw it in Minneapolis. (And who else learned to spell Mississippi from the old Bobby Gentry country song: M-I-double S-i-double S-i-double p-i?)

Lisa Paul said...

Wait a minute. "He archly said". Is that a clue? St. Louis, then, with the Arch!