Monday, June 29, 2009

It Has Begun

My neighbor making the first cut next to the road, avoiding our state flower.

Another three following.

Five of the six.

One of two New Hollands just across the road from my house.

The other one coming at me.

My family ground is a bit wet yet. It will be cut very, very soon, and I will be much easier to be around. It has suffered some hail damage, but it still looks pretty good.

Within a two mile radius there are at least ten combines hard at work. It is calm, and the roar of threshing carries quite well.


drjim said...

Good Luck, and Good Harvest!

Earl said...

Always, a good harvest and a feeling of 'done it again, so good!"

Frank W. James said...

Boots And Saddles!!! Daylight is burning and Lead, Follow or Get The Hell Out Of The Way...

God Speed and Have a Safe and Productive Harvest!

All The Best,
Frank W. James

drjim said...

Hope you're hangin in there OK!
Let us know how the harvest went.

RT said...

Hope it all turns out well for you and your neighbors. :)

(Great pictures!)

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